About us

This is

GameplayMachine story. 

The Beginning.

I have launched GMachine in 2014.

I play video games almost my entire life. I love theorycrafting and I’m always looking for valuable information about games in which I play. Sometimes I spend hours and hours to learn and improve as a player. Good quality info is sometimes hard to get, that’s why I made GameplayMachine, so I can save valuable information like builds, guides or nice trailers to watch.


GMachine is growing like a boss (rank up +6,341,777 in alexa website trafic) so it has the potential to become a BIG thing!

Hit me up if you have a good gaming stuff and you want to Collaborate with GMachine! I’m open for new opportunities! Life goes fast 🙂


I write these words when I did 300 GMachine graphics and covers. Some examples below 🙂

BTW. I’m proud of this one. This banner… look’s sick! And that handmade glow backgroud  – OMG 🙂 Lots of work, separating objects from its backgroud etc. just for one post! But i nailed it. Best looking battle banner on the internet! 🙂

Overwatch Symmetra buffed gameplay

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PoE Path of Exile Divination Cards, div card
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Destiny Sparrow Racing League SRL Racing vehicles Destiny

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Paragon Kallari Cutthroat Build, Paragon game, Paragon gameplay

HOTS Heroes of the Storm Zul'jin gameplay, Zul'jin abilities blizzard new hero

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To Be Continued.