Nova skills addons and best combos! NOVA guide build skills addons combos best for Nova Class. Awakeking Succession NOVA PvE PvP
Black Desert

BDO – Best Nova Succession Guide! Destroy everything!

A Guide for a New Class Nova in Black Desert Online! Succession guide which contains a lot of useful information such as best skills, addons, and combos!

How to play Nova in BDO?

Nova is an amazing class that gives a lot of fun. Learn amazing combos that will make your class dominate other players and the gameplay will be smooth and satisfying!

In this guide, you will find the most valuable information that will allow you to master this amazing class! Starting with the skill tree, new fantastic combos that will be great not only in PvE but also in PvP.

Black Desert NOVA Succession Guide!

Nova skills, addons and best combos!

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