BDO ultimate Hashashin Guide black desert, combos, movement, skills, awakening, Succession, Skill Builds
Black Desert

BDO – Ultimate Hashashin Guide!

A new Hashashin class has recently appeared in Black Desert Online. In this guide, you will learn everything about this class, Awakening, Succession, Hashashin Skill Addons, combos, and more!

ShakyBay has prepared a guide in which it accurately describes all aspects of this class.

In this guide you can learn:

  • Hashashin Awakening and Succession
  • Hashashin Skill Addons
  • Hashashin Class Combos
  • Choosing Rabams
  • Hashashin Movement Guide
  • and how to choose the best crystals for the Hashashin build

BDO Ultimate Hashashin Guide!

Let us know in the comment if you chose the Hashashin class and what are your first impressions?

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