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Destiny: December 30th XuR Review

Exotic Engram,  Apotheosis Veil and more. Destiny December 30th XuR Review!

Destiny: December 30th X?R Review

Video by PlanetDestiny


Xur ? Agent of the Nine, can be found in the Reef.


Exotic Engram   /   Helmet Engram (not a legacy engram)
Apotheosis Veil   /   Warlock Helmet
SUROS Regime   /   Auto Rifle
Crest of Alpha Lupi   /   Titan Chest Armor
Don’t Touch Me   /   Hunter Gauntlets


Plasma Drive   /   Vehicle Upgrade
Stealth Drive   /   Vehicle Upgrade
Heavy Ammo Synthesis
Heavy Ammo Synthesis
Glass Needles

What’s a X?r?

X?r is a vendor who sells consumables, exotic weapons and armors in exchange for Strange Coins.

Where is Xur?

He can be found in different locations in the Tower and Vestian Outpost every weekend. Xur arrives at 9am UTC.

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