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The Division

The Division – Weekly Vendor Reset (17th Dec)

The Division – Weekly Vendor Reset (17th Dec) Feat. Top-Tier LVOA-C.

Video by Skill Up

Insane LVOA-C For Sale!

December 17th list

BoO Pro Red Dot Sight
BoO DZ Vendor- Police M4
BoO Cage- Omega Rifle Suppressor ? Tan
Terminal- LVOAC
Terminal- Vertical Grip Wolf Grey
Terminal- RPK Blueprint
Terminal- USC Blueprint
Terminal- Stamina Gloves Blueprint
Terminal- Prototype Performance Gear Mod Blueprint
Autumn?s Hope- Ballistic Shield Dmg Resilience Mod
Wolves Den- Custom L86
The Cavern- Specialised Backpack
The Meat Locker- Custom M44
Camp Hudson- Custom L86
The Last Call- Tactical Aug
Grindhouse- Large Suppressor FDE
E46th St DZ- Sticky Bomb Dmg Performance Mod
E42nd St DZ- Ti-Rant Suppressor
E40th St DZ- Surplus SVD
E40th St DZ- Extended Magazine
5th Avenue DZ- Military MK46
W31st St DZ- Savage Gloves
W53rd St DZ- First Aid Self Heal Mod
DZ6 Safehouse- Striker?s Mask
DZ6 Safehouse- AlphaBridge Chest
DZ6 Safehouse Banshee?s Shadow holster
DZ6 Safehouse Banshee?s Shadow holster
DZ5 Safehouse- Vertical Handstop Foliage Green
DZ4 Safehouse- Ballistic Shield Health Mod
DZ3 Safehouse- Police MK17
DZ3 Safehouse- Military M60 E4

More The Division stuff

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