Genshin Impact 1.2 Tier List Best characters, best party
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Genshin Impact – 1.2 Tier List

Introducing the new tier list for Genshin Impact. A lot has changed since the last time, with a few new characters added. There were also changes to the Spiral Abyss and in the last levels Geo is now more important (+ 75% more damage) instead of fire.

Venti has always been very good, but now it’s safe to say it’s a GOD TIER character (almost 6-star character). The best CC in the game, plus very good damage. Additionally, the set for Anemo character is very, very good.

Bennett is gaining more and more recognition and is now treated on a par with 5-star characters. Not only does it add damage to our party, it also heals and can remove negative effects.

Genshin Impact Best Characters – 1.2 Tier List

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