Genshin Impact - Best Teams for Ganyu! Ganuy comp best, spupport 4-stars Kaeya Quiqi Albedo Childe
Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact – BEST team for Ganyu!

Let’s talk about the best team for the Ganyu. The Ganuy banner is no longer available in Genshin Impact, but some of you have this character and are wondering if I should develop it and how to build her team.

Let’s talk about:

The best team for the Ganyu.

Best Elemental Reactions for Ganyu

Melt: 2x damage from pyro trigger / 1.5x damage from cryo trigger

Freeze: Immobilizes enemies, making them become rock hard. Heavy attack or Geo to trigger shatter (extra DMG for breaking freeze)

Ganyu TEAM 1

Ganyu + Albedo + Jean + Venti (or Sucrose)

Ganyu TEAM 2

Childe + Ganyu + Albedo (Sucrose) + Diona (Qiqi, Kaeya)

Ganyu TEAM 3

Klee + Ganyu + Bennett + Sucrose

Ganyu TEAM 4

Diluc + Ganyu + Bennett + Sucrose

Ganyu TEAM 5

Keqing + Ganyu + Xingqiu + Qiqi (Diona, Kaeya)

Ganyu TEAM 6 (4-star)

Ganyu + Xiangling + Diona (Kaeya) + Sucrose

Ganyu TEAM 7 (4-star)

Kaeya + Ganyu + Xiangling + Bennet

Ganyu TEAM 8 (4-star)

Kaeya + Ganyu + Xiangling + Barbara

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