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Path of Exile 3.0 – Harbinger League!

PoE 3.0 Harbinger League Announced! On Friday August 4th, the Harbinger Challenge League will launch alongside The Fall of Oriath.

Path of Exile 3.0 – Harbinger League!

Video Tarke Cat

The Harbingers

These Harbingers can create and command monsters from the area, and empower them with their own abilities. A Harbinger in the Ledge might summon cannibals and skeletons, and then create explosive storms around them, while dashing rapidly between them leaving trails of fire. Harbingers can’t be attacked directly, but are harmed when their minions are destroyed.

Exotic Currency Shards

Harbingers bear shards of currency types that are already familiar to you. Upon death, they also surrender the shards of currency items that have never been seen before. One such currency item, the Orb of Horizons, rerolls a map’s type to another map of the same tier.

Source: pathofexile