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Path of Exile 3.2 – Bestiary League Starter Builds (Mathil)

How to start Bestiary League? Best PoE 3.2 Bestiary League Starter Builds by Mathil. PoE, Path of Exile.

PoE 3.2 – Bestiary League Starter Builds

Video: Mathil

“So I started with Champion using Molten Strike/Cleave until melee splash for Dual Strike and it worked well enough. Decided to do some science by grabbing the Adrenaline node from Champion first and it’s really quite nice for leveling. Can be triggered by using Righteous Fire which dissipates as soon as you hit Low Life or you can activate on demand with a Blood Magic + Purity aura. Huge damage/attack & move speed after normal lab but will take some getting used to, using 2-3 life flasks to begin with.”

PoE Builds – Bestiary League

How to start Bestiary League – best build’s to start.

Path of Building

The 1.4.78 update for Path of Building is now available, containing the updated passive tree for 3.2.

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