Path of Exile Builds PoE

PoE 2.5: Infernal Blow Chieftain Build (Pohx)

Path of Exile 2.5 Breach HC Marauder Chieftain Infernal Blow Build / Guide.

PoE 2.5: Infernal Blow Chieftain Build

Video by Pohx

Path of Exile Ascendancy Class

Marauder > Chieftain

PoE path of exile ascendancy chieftain

Build passive tree

Link here


  • Normal: Oak (+HP)
  • Cruel: Kill all (+1 passive skill point)
  • Merc: Oak ( +1 Max Endurance Charge)


Infernal Blow – is a melee attack skill that converts half of Physical Damage to Fire Damage, applying a special debuff to enemies. If the enemy dies while affected by this debuff, they will explode, dealing fire damage to nearby enemies. Requires a Sword, Axe, Mace, Staff or Unarmed.

PoE build items / uniques


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