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Path of Exile Builds PoE

PoE 2.5: CI Elementalist Cast on Crit Vortex Build (Mathil)

Path of Exile 2.5 Breach League – CoC CI Witch Elementalist Build / Guide. Witch Ele CoC Chaos Inoculation.

PoE 2.5: Elementalist Cast on Crit Vortex Build

Video by Mathil

Path of Exile Ascendancy Class

Witch > Elementalist

Build link / skill tree

Click here

Items / Uniques


  • Normal: kill all (1 passive skill point)
  • Cruel: kill all (1 passive skill point)
  • Merc: Alira ( +1 Max Power Charge)

Build gameplay / PoE Cast on Crit Vortex

Most Endgame Bosses & Guidelink

Build Update (Jan 22, 2017):

Build passive tree ( few changes)

link here

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