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PoE 2.5: Whispering Ice Berserker Build

Path of Exile Breach 2.5 Icestorm Berserker is using the new Scorching Ray + CwC setup.

PoE 2.5: Whispering Ice Berserker Gameplay (Uber Lab run)

Build by Kelvynn PoE


“This build is based on Intelligence which provides both offense (Icestorm damage) and defense (ES, leech amount). Converting cold damage to fire maximizes the offensive and defensive power.”

Mandatory items:

The Whispering Ice grants you a unique skill – Icestorm

Unique Ring Pyre

Unique Amulet Astramentis

Skill tree:

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Kraityn – Kill – Kill

Forum link:

Check for more details: link


[2.5] Tier 16 Bosses with the Whispering Ice Berserker

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