Path of Exile 3.2 Bestiary League Starter Trickster Build
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Path of Exile 3.2 – Best Bestiary League Builds

Five strong Path of Exile Bestiary League build’s: Volatile Dead Inquisitor, Glacial Cascade Totems Inquisitor, Whispering Ice CI Ascendant, Glacial Cascade Miner Saboteur, Golemancer.

PoE 3.2 – 5 Best Bestiary League Builds!

Video by LiftingNerdBro

Builds list:

  1. Illyaink 3.2 Poet?s Pen Volatile Dead Inquisitor (Expensive): forum link
  2. Thi3n 3.2 Glacial Cascade Totems Inquisitor/Hierophant: forum link
  3. Kelvynn 3.2 Whispering Ice CI Ascendant (Inquisitor/Elementalist): forum link
  4. Windz 3.2 Glacial Cascade Miner Saboteur: forum link
  5. Mika2salo Flame Golem Necromancer/Elementalist Build (Golemancer): forum link