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PoE 2.5: Flicker Strike Raider Build (LiftingNerd)

Path of Exile 2.5 Breach: Kitava’s Feast – 10x Frenzy Flicker Strike Raider Build, Guide!

Path of Exile 2.5: 10x Frenzy Flicker Strike Raider Build

Video by LiftingNerd

PoE Ascendancy Class

Ranger > Raider

Path of Exile Build link / passive skill tree

Link here

PoE Leveling

Leveling tree 1: http://poeurl.com/0wn
Leveling tree 2: http://poeurl.com/0wo
Leveling tree 3: http://poeurl.com/0wq


  • Normal: Oak (+HP)
  • Cruel: Kill all (+1 passive skill point)
  • Merc: Help Kraityn (+1 Frenzy charges)


Weapon: Kitava’s Feast Void Axe

Gloves: Wyrmsign

Chest: Cospri’s Will

Boots: Darkray Vectors

Flasks: Sin’s Rebirth  /  Taste of Hate  /  Lion’s Roar  /  Witchfire Brew

Character Profile

Here (nick FlickItBro)

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