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Path of Exile Builds PoE

PoE 2.5: Lightning Crit Cyclone Inquisitor (Pohx)

Path of Exile 2.5.1 Breach HC – CI Brain Rattler pure lightning crit cyclone Templar – Inquisitor Build / guide.

PoE 2.5: Brain Rattler Lightning Crit Cyclone Inquisitor

Video by Pohx

Path of Exile Ascendancy class

Templar > Inquisitor

Buil passive skill tree

73 lvl – Link here

78 lvl – Link here (build with warchief totems)

Pohx characters (nick: PohxSpin): link


Build progression

  1. More Testing with Brain Rattler – Finally Went Crit!link (YouTube)

2. Path of Exile – Crit Brain Rattler Warchief totemslink (YouTube)


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