The Division2 Gameplay Dark Zone Division2 Pvp Skirmish Domination Map
The Division 2

The Division 2 – Dark Zone (PvP) First Look

A look at the New Dark Zone & PvP in The Division 2. Dark Zone Division2 PvP modes: Domination and Skirmish.

Video by MarcoStyle  (early build)

The Division 2 – Map

In The Division 2 we have 3 smaller Dark Zones compared to one big Dark Zone in The Division 1.

12 Player’s in each Dark Zone instance (was 24 Players in “The Division”).

Rogue Agent

When You kill (or attack) an enemy Player, you and your team will become a Rogue Agents.


When you and your team reach Rogue Stage 5, a Manhunt mission starts and you and your team become a target.

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