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Albion Online – Fishing Guide!

Fishing can be a lucrative activity in Albion Online. How to start fishing and become an expert in this skill? You will learn about it in this guide, plus a handful of practical tips on how to survive in the difficult world of Albion Online!

Some useful extra fishing tips in Albion Online!

a.k.a. how to stay alive as a fisher in Albion Online 😉

  • Buy higher tier horses (armored horses) to avoid falling victim to gankers,
  • Buy higher tier rods (better quality) due to the faster fishing process
  • As you level up the fishing, cut the fish to increase your profit,
  • There are more than two types of water, even freshwater gives you the opportunity to catch two different types of fish,
  • Do not use fish bait if you are fishing outside fish pools,
  • You don’t have to equip your fishing rod to fish, use a dagger instead or another high mobility weapon to be able to escape if you are attacked by another player,
  • GEAR:
    • Use Fisherman Caps for the Rotten Fish skill. Thanks to this, players attacking you will be slowed down and won’t be able to use normal attacks for a short time,
    • Use equipment like Ambush Chest piece and Wanderlust Boots. First, use wanderlust first and then ambush to be able to get away from the gankers.

Albion Online Ultimate Fishing guide

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