How to get free Sorrowbane two-handed sword WoW Shadowlands. 180 item level weapon for free.

WoW Shadowlands – How to get free 2h sword Sorrowbane (guide)

A brand new DLC for wow called Shadowlands has just been released. In this guide, you will learn how to get a 180 item level two-handed sword called Sorrowbane for free.

Secret two-handed sword WoW Shadowlands.

Shadowlands has already started and everyone is looking for the fastest and most effective way to increase their item level. This is a secret that only affects heroes with level 60.

Sorrowbane Location – free 2h sword. WoW Shadowlands.

The location where this two-handed sword is located in Maldraxxus.

WoW Shadowlands Free 2h Sword – Sorrowbane. How to get Sorrowbane Guide.

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