ArcheAge Gameplay

ArcheAge Starting Area Gameplay, Skillsets, Races and Racials

ArcheAge Alpha (NA-English) Gameplay: Desiree Peak (Nuian Starter Area) and some Firran Archer Gameplay.

Video #1
ArcheAge Alpha – Desiree Peak (Nuian Starter Area)

Video #2
ArcheAge Alpha – Firran Archer Gameplay

ArcheAge is a sandbox MMORPG developed by Korean studio XL Games. Game features:

  • Housing system with buildings erected in the world and not in instanced zones.
  • 100 Classes built from 10 Skillsets,
  • Open World PvP.


ArcheAge is home to four major races: Nuians and Elves share the western continent, Firran and Harani inhabit lands to the east. Let’s skip the story and let’s move straight to the interesting facts: RACIALS


  • Nuians receive extra benefits for visiting the Hereafter, doubling the time their stats are increased after being resurrected.
  • Nuians enjoy reduced construction time for houses and castles, a legacy of the destruction caused by their rebellions and civil wars


  • Conditioning for the rigors and strains of combat has given Elves the ability to hold their breath underwater for extended periods.
  • Spending decades near Gweonid Lake makes most Elves talented swimmers with increased speed.


  • Firran can use their quick reflexes and powerful bodies to decrease fall damage.
  • Long, non-retractable claws allow Firran to climb trees and ladders faster.


  • The Harani have mastered the use of portals to travel across their far-flung empire, reducing the cast time and cooldown of their Recall ability.
  • Settling the jungles of Mahadevi taught the Harani to be efficient laborers, reducing the time they require for logging and gathering.


Video #3

ArcheAge Primary Skillsets: Battlerage / Sorcery / Archery / Vitalism / Occultism / Shadowplay.

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