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War Thunder – Gameplay changes and new stuff

War Thunder – Update 1.39. New Planes!

Major additions

  • New aircraft and missions
  • Squadron battles in Events mode, squadron duel rating
  • Players? rating (?ladder?)
  • User generated content support
  • Progression system has been adjusted: new aircraft of the same rank take less time to unlock
  • ?Schräge Musik? available
  • Separate fire control for the weapons of different calibres
  • Significant improvements for AI behaviour

Gameplay changes

  • Squadron events and duel rating of the squadrons (calculated by the ELO system in the squadron battles in the Events mode) – preliminary version for the future Squadron Battles
  • Separate fire control for different calibres on the planes. From now on a player can adjust separate controls for MGs and cannons with different calibres, as well as for gun pods on German fighters
  • PvP player rating added (?ladder?) based on Silver Lions earned in battles.
  • Dynamic campaign available for a squad (temporarily not limited to premium account)
  • Record tables significantly reworked – the data should be the same as in profile (leader boards will be updated every day)

New Planes

Spitfire F Mk 24, Spitfire Mk. IX, Lockheed F-80A Shooting Star, North American F-82 Twin Mustang, F4U-1A USMC, MiG-15bis of GDR and more…

Full change log here

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