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Black Desert

Black Desert Online – Beginner Guide 2020/2021

Black Desert Online is a fantastic game. Excellent graphics, dynamic gameplay, developed crafting system and character progression path. All this makes a lot of players want to try this title.

But BDO is very different from traditional MMORPGs. It is more complex in some aspects.

This guide has been prepared for new players who want to delve into the fantastic world of Black Desert.

Black Desert Online – beginner guide!

00:00 – Intro
00:52 – Settings and Starting Out
4:15 – Getting in-game
4:50 – Experience and Skill Experience
6:38 – Gear/Equipment
8:23 – Awakening and Succession
9:48 – (leveling 1-56) Roadmap
16:02 – Crystals and Transfusion
16:37 – World Bosses and Dark Rift Bosses
18:18 – Quick note on Guilds
18:38 – Marni Stones for EXP at level 57+
18:52 – Loyalty 530% EXP Scrolls
19:20 – Intro to Combat – Protection
23:17 – Intro to Combat – CC
25:32 – Enhancing Gear
31:48 – Closing Remarks

Let us know in the comment which class you plan to start the game.

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