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Black Desert

BDO – How to get a T9 Horse

We all know how important a role is in moving around the world in Black Desert Online. The faster the mount is, the less time we spend traveling, and over time this saves a lot of time.

One of the best mounts in BDO is the dream horse. Not only that they are very fast horses, they are also a symbol of wealth and prestige.

So, how to get that dream steed in Black Desert Online? How to awaken a T9 Dream Horse? Check out this guide and you also learn how to “fail-stacking” on horse skills and more.

BDO Guide – awakening a T9 Dream Horse

If you are scared of all the work you have to put in to get this mount, you can always buy it from the market, but it won’t be cheap.

Write in the comments what kind of mount you are currently using and whether you plan to get your dream horse.

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