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Black Desert Online: Musa Blader Build Guide – Gear

Black Desert Online BDO Musa gearing. How gear you should  choose for pvp and pve. Best gear for leveling and Endgame.

Musa Blader Build Guide – Gear / Gearing

Video by Wilky

Black Desert Online BDO Class

Musa / Blader / Maehwa

MUSA: The Musa is a swordsman armed with an arsenal of powerful area of effect skills and blazing speed to devastate their foes in the blink of an eye while avoiding danger.

MAEHWA: A graceful combatant with a specialized skill set, the Maehwa can lock down any foe with a wide array of control skills.

MUSA / BLADER gearing

  • Musa leveling gear / starting gear: Yuria / White Horn (AP) / Taritas chest and boost (2 pieces bonus) / Grunil Helmet and Gloves (4 slots, 2 pieces bonus) / Red Coral Rings (AP and DEF) / Bares neck and earrings
  • Musa – Blader mid-range gear: Liverto / White Horn (AP) / Full Grunil Set / Iron – Immaculate / Red Coral Rings (AP and DEF) / Bares necklace / Shultz belt / Blue Coral Earrings
  • Mid to end gear: Liverto or Kzarka / White Horn, Nouver or Kutum / Bheg Gloves and Muskan Boots / Heve Chest and Helmet / Immaculate or Dandelion / Red Coral Rings or Mark of Shadow / Red Coral Earrings or Witch’s / Ancient Set: Ancient Guardian Seal and Ancient Weapon Core
  • Endgame Musa gear: Kzarka weapon / Nouver or Kutum offhand / Full boss armor / Dandelion / Crescent Guardian Rings / Red Coral Earrings or Witch’s / Basilisk’s Belt / Ogre Ring

Musa skills

Black Desert Online: Musa Blader Build Guide – Skills

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