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Path of Exile Builds PoE

PoE 2.5: Scold’s Bridle CWDT Berserker Build (general_tsoschicken)

Path of Exile Builds 2.5 Breach league – Scold’s Bridle CWDT Last Breath Marauder Berserker Build Guide. Life based, softcore, expensive.

PoE 2.5: Scold’s Bridle CWDT Berserker Build Guide

Video by general_tsoschicken

Path of Exile Ascendancy class

Marauder > Berserker

PoE Ascendancy berserker marauder Gmachine

Build passive skill tree

Link here


  • Normal: Oak (+40 Life)
  • Cruel: Kraityn (8% increased Attack Speed)
  • Merc: Kraityn (+1 Frenzy charges)



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