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ESO – StamDK PvP Heavy Tanky Build! 4,5k HP Recovery?!

Check out this Stamina Dragonknight build for Markarth expansion pack for The Elder Scrolls Online. Very tanky and high survivability thanks to the incredible 4500 HP recovery and heavy armor. ESO Stamina Dragonknight PvP Build Guide for Markarth DLC Race: Nord – Ultimate recovery, extra tanky stats Stats: 64 Stamina The Warrior Mundus Stone – Weapon Damage Sets […]

ESO - Markarth MagDK PvP Build Magicka Dragonknight TESO Elder Scrolls Online / 1vX dps magdk magicka DK
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ESO – Markarth MagDK PvP Build

The Elder Scrolls Online MagDK Magicka Dragonknight (Markarth DLC) PvP Build Guide. Return of the Bloodspawn set? Quite recently, we published a summary of PVP classes in the GameplayMachine.(ESO – What Classes Are The Best In Pvp?) Unfortunately, MagDK ended up practically at the bottom of the list. Nevertheless, the classic Magicka dragonknight game is […]