ESO The Elder Scrolls Online Stamina Templar Stamplar DPS PvE Build Guide New racials Races ESO

ESO – 100k+ DPS ULTIMATE Stamplar PvE Build! New BEST Stamina Races!

Stamina Templar Build for The Elder Scrolls Online Flames of Ambition DLC. Nice easy rotation and 100k+ DPS! You need to see this!

ESO – Stamplar Build PvE for Flames of Ambition DLC

Time stamps

0:20​ – Racial Rankings
1:55​ – Mundus Stone
2:17​ – Top Gear Sets
3:07​ – Bloodthirsty vs Infused
3:39​ – Weapon Types
5:12​ – Arena Set Options
6:49​ – Monster Sets
7:37​ – CP vs No-CP
8:30​ – Skills
11:44​ – Rotation
12:33​ – Gear Setup for 104k Parse
12:59​ – Champion Points
13:40​ – Special Shoutout!
13:52​ – Conclusion
14:09​ – 104k Trial Dummy Parse

BEST Race for Stamina Templar (NEW! After racial changes). TOP 3 Stamina Races in ESO:

The dark elves are beginning to be the leading race in ESO’s PvE DPS. Dark elves don’t get a lot of stat buffs, but other races like the orc got a lot of statistics have been nerfed (loss of 1000 stamina).

  1. Dark Elf (Max Magicka and Stamina +1910, Weapon and Spell Damage +258)
  2. Khajiit (Max HP, Magicka, Stamina + 915, Crit DMG and Heal +12%)
  3. Orc (Max Stamina +1000, Max HP +1000, Weapon and Spell DMG +258)

PvE GEAR for Stamplar PvE (Sets)

Sets: Relequeen + Deadly Strike + Maelstrom Bow + Slimecraw (1 piece) + Grundwulf (1 piece)

Dual weapons: Daggers > Swords > Maces > Axes

Mundus Stone

The Thief – Increases your Weapons and Spell Critical Strike ratings by 2180.

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