BDO SAGE Succession Guide Combo Black Desert Online Tutorial How to play Sage Skills
Black Desert

BDO – Ultimate SAGE Succession Combo GUIDE! Become the best!

This is the guide to the newest class SAGE in Black Desert Online! Full SUCCESSION combo tutorial to be a better player and destroy everything in your path in BDO!

Sage is an amazing class that has great potential and amazing powers. This tutorial will help you not only if you are a beginner to BDO but also very helpful for advanced players!

How to play Sage in BDO?

BNB Combos:

1. Rift Chain -> Ator’s Mark -> Form Shift -> Ators Fist -> Void Gateways

2. Ators Thorn -> Ators Mark -> Form Shift -> Ators Fist -> Void Gateways

3. (if it hits) Spatial Collapse -> Form Shift -> Ators Fist -> Void Gateways

Black Desert Online SAGE Succession Guide!


Sage Skills Breakdown: 0:47​
Stamina Consumption: 1:52​
Sage Cancels & Counters: 04:51​
Super Armored SKills: 08:30​
Forward Guarded Skills: 11:12​
Secret Teleport Skill: 15:03​
Combos and Samples: 16:30​
Other Combo Samples: 29:23

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