ESO Grind Farm Champion Points CP Fast in 2021 EXP XP The Elder Scrolls Online

ESO – BEST Way To Grind Champion Points in 2021!

Recently, the Champion Points system in The Elder Scrolls Online has been completely reworked. The CP system was increased to 3600 so most players started farming experience to get more points on passive skills.

Many of the methods of gaining experience coincide with those you know from leveling your characters. Players, however, found new amazing places that provide a lot of experience. In this guide, you will learn about the locations for the best game experience for an hour and how to prepare for it!

THE BEST way to get ESO experience FAST!


In order to level up quickly in ESO (also the champion points tree), you need to prepare yourself accordingly. First of all, it is very helpful to craft equipment with the training trait, which increases the amount of experience received for killing monsters.

Experience scrolls (or drink ambrosia) will also be helpful. In addition, ongoing in-game events that give 100% more experience received are the best time to start grinding XP.

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