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ESO – Midyear Mayhem Event Guide

Elder Scrolls Online Midyear Mayhem is a PvP event that takes place during the summer, on Cyrodiil, Imperial City and Battlegrounds. The event will last from June 25 to July 7.

How to start Midyear Mayhem in ESO?

For doing a short event quest, You receive the Scroll of Pelinal’s Ferocity scroll, which gives You a 100% bonus to the Alliance Points received and 100% more experience for killing opponents.

Quest starter

Open the events tab in the ESO Store and there you will find the starter quest.

You can go to Cyrodiil or BG area to complete this short quest.

During the event, You receive additional rewards in the form of Pelinal’s Midyear Boon Box for completed tasks in PVP activities.

How to get event tickets in Midyear Mayhem?

Daily PvP quests!

You also receive event tickets for daily PvP quests!

To receive event tickets, you must complete certain tasks in Cyrodil or BG and Imperial City. Each of them will receive 2 tickets, i.e. 4 tickets a day in total.

Gold vendor in Cyrodiil

Also, a Gold vendor appears on weekends ion Cyrodiil offering a very wide range of necklaces and the next week – rings from various sets!

Week 1 event items (necklaces):

Price: 500.000 Alliance Points (AP) /each

Afflicted Necklace / Alessian Necklace / Battalion Defender / Necklace / Battlefield Acrobat Necklace / Curse-Eating Necklace / Deadly Necklace / Eagle-Eyed Necklace / Ebon Necklace (Bind on Pickup) / Indomitable Fury Necklace / Leki’s Necklace / Marksman’s Necklace / Necklace of Almalexia’s Mercy / Necklace of Alteration Mastery / Necklace of Ancient Grace / Necklace of Beckoning Steel

Necklace of Cyrodiil’s Crest / Necklace of Cyrodiil’s Light / Necklace of Cyrodiil’s Ward / Necklace of Elf Bane / Necklace of Fasalla’s Guile / Necklace of Fury / Necklace of Imperial Wrath / Necklace of Kyne’s Kiss / Necklace of the Arch-Mage / Necklace of the Desert Rose / Necklace of the Hawk’s Eye / Necklace of the Heartland / Necklace of the Juggernaut / Necklace of Morag Tong

Necklace of the Potentates / Necklace of the Sentry / Necklace of the Shadow Walker / Necklace of the Swift / Necklace of the Valiant / Necklace of Transmutation / Necklace of Vengeance Leech / Necklace of Vicious Death / Ravaging Necklace / Soldier of Anguish Necklace / Spell Strategist Necklace / Steadfast Hero Necklace

How to do Imperial City daily quest for 2 event tickets

  • go to Imperial City (CP campaign or no-CP),
  • Use the ladder to get to the right district (you can complete the quest in any district),
  • take the daily quest from the character in the district to which you moved

I recommend choosing:

  1. Memorial District – where the task is very simple, just kill two enemies and talk to four skeletons),
  2. Arena District – save 12 NPCs
  • after completing the task, return to the starting location and return the quest, so You can get 2 event tickets and other nice rewards (You can use /stuck command (but you lose some of your Telvar Stones) or go to the nearest servers entrance and go to your faction’s starting location (You need to check on the map where is entrance closest to Your faction. If you are EP just go to Arena District – for example.

How to get Cyrodiil/Battleground event tickets in Midyear Mayhem

  • type “L” on your keyboard and choose Cyrodiil campaign,
  • enter your preferred campaign – CP or no-CP,
  • do starting quests if you never do them (Cyrodiil tutorial),
  • take all quests from the mission boards,
  • you can type “LFG” on the zone map for a quick party invite or do this quests solo if you want,
  • best and fastest daily quest here is a scout quest (if you’re lucky, you can get really close to you faction control area
  • go back and redeem rewards on the mission table and you get the other 2 event tickets!
  • take daily quest from quest vendor in Battleground area (main cities),
  • easiest to do is a 1000 points quest (you can reroll this quests btw so try to get one)
  • do the BG and win or take second place – done.

Good Luck!

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