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ESO Ultimate Scrying and Excavation guide!

In Greymoor, the new chapter of popular MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online, we’ve been given the opportunity to acquire powerful, mythical items. The new archaeological excavation system introduces two completely new skill lines to the game.

ESO Antiquities

The new Antiquities system introduced in Greymoor is actually two skill lines:

  • Scrying – finding information about where to bury an object. If we find all the clues on the board, we’ll get one specific place where the object is buried.
  • Excavation – with this skill line You can perform these excavations, a bit like archaeological excavations. At higher levels, we have additional tools available that make our work easier.


Most of the excavated items are ordinary treasures, i.e. you can sell them directly to the trader for gold.

ESO Can you earn a lot of gold by using scrying?

Regarding earning gold in ESO, I could probably write more than one guide, because there are plenty of ways to earn in-game.

As for the antiquities system itself, you can get quite a lot of gold on it and this is not the best but quite good method of earning gold in the game. You need to do scrying any way so You can get mythic items, and You get free gold by doing this. Win, win!

With excavations, You can also get interesting furniture for your home in Tamriel.

Mythical items

The most valuable finds are mythical very powerful items. They are so good that many players decided to give up the bonus received from the so-called “monster set” in favor of an additional, one mythical item.

Currently available mythical items in ESO:

  • Bloodlord’s Embrace (armor)
  • Snow Treaders (shoes)
  • Thrassian Stranglers (gloves)
  • Torc of Tonal Constancy (necklace)
  • Malacath’s Band of Brutality (ring) – guide
  • Ring of the Wild Hunt (ring)

Only one mythical object can be used in your build setup.


The higher level of this skill means that we can get access to more valuable leads, but the difficulty of getting them also increases. Acquiring items is getting harder with each level, but the artifacts/treasures themselves are also better and more valuable.

When digging, be careful not to damage the item you are looking for. The red bar at the top shows how much strength the item has. An unfortunate swing of a shovel can damage it. The pale yellow bar means the time we have during the digging. Each of our activities takes some time.

Difficulties of exploring and digging, 4 stages:

  • green – simple (no requirements, immediately available in every location)
  • blue – medium (scrying level 3 and appropriate passive skill purchased)
  • purple – difficult (level 5 scrying and appropriate passive skill purchased)
  • yellow – very difficult (level 7 scrying and adequate passive skill purchased)

The higher the difficulty level, the less strength the object has and more and more layers of soil and stones to dig. Also, fewer and fewer shots of potential concealment (R) and other unpleasant traps. The digging time used for each soil removal is also getting smaller!

Dig Site

ESO Scrying leveling Elder Scrolls Online Dig Site how to find

When You have a lead then You need to find dig site.

ESO Scrying leveling Elder Scrolls Online Dig Site how to find

You can use your new useful Antiquarian’s Eye – just throw this into your items wheel. When this Antiq-eye is used, something similar to a comet appears and just go in the direction it is pointing.

See also:


Green leads are available on every map we are on and we can repeat them how many times You want.

Along with the third level of scrying You have access to blue leads. From now on, if You successfully make a green lead, You get another one to the blue one. Making blue when You have level 5 of scrying will give you a purple lead. Each purple lead obtained in this way can be completed only once.

Additional leads can be obtained from various activities performed in the game. It can be, for example, killing a boss or opening a treasure chest, even for collecting ingredients! As a curiosity, I will add that one lead can be bought from a dealer at Maelstrom Arena!

Travel the world, explore mysterious places and you will certainly find something interesting!

Leveling scrying and excavating

To get more levels in these skills you must dig as much as possible and at the highest level of difficulty.

The best place to level scrying and excavation in ESO. The fastest way to level scrying in Elder Scrolls Online?


The best place to reach the scrying and excavation levels is the Arteum from the Summerset expansion, which is a very small location and therefore the digging sites are often very close together. Thanks to this, you can level here the fastest, so you’ll get the 5 or 7 levels of scrying in a decent amount of time. However, remember that this is a marathon so get ready for a lot of digging.

The greater the difficulty of digging, the more experience you get. Experience is allocated after successful completion of the entire process, i.e. until the final acquisition of the item.

Finally, a few words about yellow leads.

My observations show that in order to dig a yellow object, it is necessary to clean the whole object and its immediate surroundings so that nothing overlaps the object’s envelope.

I had many such attempts, which at first seemed to be successful because the whole object was visible, but it turned out to be a failure.

I think Zenimax fix this issue in latest patch.

Now You can do this:


On the one hand, I like this new system because it makes players move to explore the huge and rich world of Tamriel.

From what I observed today, the leads obtained from the alternative character (alt) can be used on the main character, which does not force the need to level the same skill tree again.

All this is fun, mainly because it is new, but it seems to me that it is rather a one-time adventure. Will there be joy in repeating these elements of the game to get another artifact that has already been dug out? I do not think so.

Set yourself for a long marathon rather than a sprint, then this system will not burn your enthusiasm for playing and will allow you to enjoy Skyrim for a long time.

Good luck in excavations and see You in Tamriel!

If you want to learn more about mythical items and where to get them, we will successively post them here. Check back often!

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  1. Most important info here! Leads stay only for 30 days and if you don’t dig them then you need to get them again… “the system has a 30 day count down timer before the leads disappear”.

  2. Would like to see uncovering of yellow items with tools used and when. While I have been ‘usually’ successful in locating the yellow item, I have been ‘0’ ffer in fully uncovering the item. I run out of time before the blasted item is uncovered.

  3. The Antiquarian’s Eye is on the tools tab when you open up the quickslots menu.

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