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Corepunk Gameplay News

COREPUNK a new open-world cyberpunk / dark fantasy MMORPG gameplay video!

Enjoy new gameplay “Corepunk” video, a new open-world MMORPG from Artificial Core.

COREPUNK is an open-world MMORPG game with stylized graphics, a post-apocalyptic atmosphere. This game is a mix of dark fantasy and cyberpunk vibes!

COREPUNK Gameplay video

Gameplay video by IGN, Summer of Gaming 2020

More informations about Gameplay

From the official Corepunk forums:

Q: The new gameplay you showed was again low level characters. While impressive, do you have plans to show the world from a higher level player’s perspective? A lot of people (again) got the wrong impression that the game has slow gameplay mechanics.
A: Pshak (Lead Game Designer): We show the gameplay of the low level characters, because we are now focused mainly on the first 20 levels of the game. We do not do anything separately for the video and try to shoot everything in the current builds. Since the studio’s resources are limited, we try not to spend energy on separately preparing videos for the events. High level content we will show closer to CBT

PvP in Corepunk

Corepunk will have Arenas and Battlegrounds. PvP in an open world combined with fog of war!

For killing other players you’ll receive Honor Points, which you’ll be able to spend on better equipment, and Karma Points.

Karma system in Corepunk

When killing a player, you’ll receive Karma Points. The amount of points awarded will depend on the difference between the level and equipment of you and the defeated player. Upon receiving a certain level of Karma points the player can receive criminal status. Player Killers are forbidden from entering regular cities and towns, and upon dying they lose an artifact from their slot. We would like to point out that for the killing of even one low-level player you will get enough Karma Points to become a Player Killer. You will be able to lower your Karma Points by completing various tasks.

Corepunk when game will be released?

Corepunk game release time: Open Beta Test is planned in Q4 2020.

Corepunk – what platform?

Corepunk is available for PC. Corepunk is built in Unity engine.

Official Corepunk game website

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