Genshin Impact - Best Bow for Ganyu! Ganuy main dps best weapon. Build guide
Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact – is this the best bow for Ganyu?!

Ganuy is the newest character added by MiHoYo and present in the current banner. Numerous player tests confirm that this is a character with exceptionally high DPS.

As it turned out, Ganyu is not only a support character, but he is great as a main damage dealer due to the high damage he deals.

The best weapons for this are bows such as:

  • 5 * Amos bow
  • 5* Skyward Harp
  • 4* Blackcliff Warbow
  • 4* Prototype Crescent (craftable)
    See a comparison of what damage these bows do!

So what kind of weapon should you choose for Ganyu? What kind of bow will be the best for f2p players and those who spend money? You will learn this from this guide.

(Guide) Best weapon for Ganyu main DPS?

Genshin impact Ganyu best weapon:

Popular questions about weapons for Ganyu:

  • What would be the best weapons for Ganyu excluding 5-star bows?
  • What is the best f2p bow for Ganuy?

Best 4-star weapon / bow

Genshin Impact Weapons Bow Prototype Crescent Craftable weapons Ganyu
Genshin Impact Weapons Bow Prototype Crescent Craftable weapons Ganyu – best main DD Ganuy weapon for f2p players.

Prototype Crescent – best power! Perfect for Ganuy four-star weapon bow). Charged Attack hits on weak points increase Movement SPD by 10% and ATK by 36% for 10s. This is THE BEST weapon (bow) for Ganyu if the opponent has weak points (Childe boss doesn’t have weak points for example). Additionally, it requires hitting weak points at least every 10 seconds to maintain the passive skill of the weapon. When trying to hit the opponent’s weak points, you can sometimes miss shots completely. It is possible to craft this weapon so that the passive skill can be even better!

Genshin Impact Weapons Bow Blackcliff Warbow Critical Damage weapon Ganyu Main DPS
Genshin Impact Weapons – Bow Blackcliff Warbow Critical Damage one of the best weapon Ganyu Main DPS.

Blackcliff Warbow – second-best 4-star weapon for Ganyu! The disadvantage is that you have to buy a currency in the store, thanks to which you can also have heroes. Additionally, this bow has a relatively low critical damage value. But overall it’s an excellent weapon and has very solid base damage. Perfect for those Ganyu owners who don’t want to stress about hitting their opponents’ weak points every few seconds.

Blackcliff Warbow vs Prototype Crescent comparison.

And what bow will you be using on your Ganyu? Write us in the comment!

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