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Path of Exile Builds PoE

PoE 2.5: CI Ethereal Knives Pathfinder Build

Path of Exile 2.5 Breach: CI Ethereal Knives Ranger / Pathfinder Build, Guide.

PoE 2.5: CI Ethereal Knives Pathfinder Build

Video by mikelat

PoE Ascendancy Classes

Ranger > Pathfinder

PoE Ascendancy ranger Pathfinder Gmachine GameplayMachine.com

Build passive skill tree:

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Normal: Kill all (+1 passive skill point)


Boots: Voidwalker

Flasks: Vessel of Vinktar  /  Atziri’s Promise  /  The Overflowing Chalice

Jewels: Energy From Within

  • The Energy From Within unique Jewel transforms Life into Energy Shield at 100% of its value.

Amulet: Eye of Chayula

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