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TESO: Magicka Templar Build (PvP, gameplay)

TESO: Magicka Templar Build’s:

Elder Scrolls Online (ESO): One Tamriel – Magicka Templar Build ”Soul Jabber” (Heavy Armor)

Video by Crescent Jayren Gaming

Other Magicka Templar Builds

ESO: One Tamriel, Heavy Armor Templar Hybrid HP/Magicka PvP Build

Youtube Video Link 

Video by Rage The Berserker | Akinos

No Cp Magicka Templar Build

Youtube Video Link

Video by Benzyboy Gaming

TESO: Magicka Templar Build (PvP). TESO One Tamriel Pvp Templar Magicka Build.

ESO Magicka Templay GAMEPLAY

ESO: One Tamriel – Solo Magicka Templar PVP Gameplay

Youtube Video Link

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