TESO TOP 5 Addons! Hot!

Top 5 The Elder Scrolls Online Badass Addons!

01. SkyShards
Map, Coords, Compasses
SkyShards adds map pins for skyshards to the world map.

ESO Skyshards addon

Curse link
ESOUI link


02. Wykkyd’s Framework
Wykkyd’s Framework is an addon package that provides bundled, streamlined functionality designed to support the development of other addons. In addition, Wykkyd’s Framework offers many nice features of its own which will make it worthwhile for all players to have it installed.

Curse link
ESOUI link

03. Research Assistant
TradeSkill Mods

A simple mod that adds a little icon to the list view. The icon only shows up for weapons and armor, and will be ORANGE if you do not have the trait researched. If the icon is GREY, that means you don’t need to hold onto it for research! If you have duplicate traits, they will all be YELLOW except for the lowest quality item, which will be ORANGE.

The TEAL interwoven circle icon signifies INTRICATE, and the YELLOW gold pieces icon signified ORNATE.

ESO Research Assistant

ESOUI link

04. Recount
Buffs and Debuffs

Recount is a damage meter and combat log addon.

Addon Recount ESO

Curse link
ESOUI link

05. Wykkyd’s Quest Tools
Quests and Leveling

Wykkyd’s Quest Tools provides A QUEST TRACKER basic command line features to help with managing your quests. (This Addon REQUIRES Wykkyd’s Framework in order to function)


Curse link

ESOUI link


That’s it! TESO Top 5 addons!

More news/addons/builds from the TESOnline universe SOON!

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