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Gaze of Sithis Mythic is AMAZING! ESO mythic guide!

Another tutorial for ESO Blackwood. This time we will show you how to get the popular mythic item called Gaze of Sithis. If you want to improve the tankiness of your character this is the item you are looking for. ESO Blackwood mythics! GAZE OF SITHIS mythic headpiece.

Gaze of Sithis – this mythical item has been the subject of much controversy from the beginning. Why? In the previous form, it has 5000 hp, 500 HP regen, and 10k armor! The only disadvantage of the Gaze of Sithis mythical item is that blocking is practically pointless as it does not mitigate any damage. However, you can get around this by changing your character, for example, to dodge.

Currently, Gaze of Sithis is no longer as powerful as it was at the beginning, but still has some solid stats:
(1 item) Adds 3276 Maximum Health, Adds 1025 Health Recovery, Adds 4000 Armor, Reduces your Block Mitigation to 0.

How to get head Gaze of Sithis

You can get Gaze of Sithis with the two new skill lines: scrying (finding information about where to bury the object) and excavation (i.e. the skills of these excavations).

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How you can get this powerful heavy armor headpiece Gaze of Sithis? You need to have scrying level 7 to be able to dig the yellow items that combine into the mythical item. (learn how to level scrying fast here)

You need to get 5 leads to this subject and later dig each one separately. The collected five parts will self assemble into the Gaze of Sithis headpiece.

To get this amazing headpiece you have to go to five locations on the map and get the so-called “leads“.

Here are the locations of the 5 pieces:

Gaze of Sithis Lead locations:

Two out of five lead locations require DLCs in the game, Shadows of the Hist DLC and Dark Brotherhood DLC!

Niss’wo Sacramental Wraps

  • Lead location: Deshaan, Public Dungeon Forgotten Crypt
  • Place of digging: Blackwood
  • What to do: Kill Bosses

Glass Skeletal Visage

  • Lead Location: Blackwood, Public Dungeon Zenithar’s Abbey
  • Place of digging: Blackwood
  • What to do: Kill Bosses

Pad-Sa Shark Teeth

  • Lead Location: Shadowfen, Onkobra Kwama Mine Delve
  • Place of digging: Blackwood
  • What to do: Kill Kwama Overseer boss

Preserved Wraxu Feathers (Dark Brotherhood DLC)

Where is “Remains-Silent “NPC? Remains-Silent NPC location.

  • Lead Location: Vvardenfell, VIVEC Outlaws Refugee
  • Place of digging: Blackwood
  • What to do: “Remains-Silent” NPC – Select from the dialog options – “Have any equipment today”. If you are lucky you will get the lead. You need to unlock the “Shadowy Supplier” passive skill from the Dark Brotherhood skill tree to see this NPC!

and now the harder part:

Ritual Circlet (Shadows of the Hist DLC)

  • Lead Location: Cradle of Shadows DLC Dungeon
  • Place of digging: Blackwood
  • What to do: kill the last boss (once if you’re lucky)!

Gaze of Sithis – video guide

Time stamps:

0:31 – Gaze of Sithis Stats
0:41 – Glass Skeletal Visage
4:57 – lead dropped
8:22 – Niss’wo Sacramental Wraps
10:03 – lead dropped
14:23 – Pad-Sa Shark Teeth
16:43 – lead dropped
20:55 – Preserved Wraxu Feathers
22:49 – lead dropped
26:34 – Ritual Circlet
27:45 – Cradle of Shadows
33:53 – lead dropped
38:10 – All parts together

The movie is in Polish, but it’s well-edited and it’s pretty fun to watch. You can see how many bosses he had to kill before he got the lead and you can see where the lead dropped.

Thats ALL!

We wish you good luck! Write in the comment on which you managed to get individual leads! We are curious!

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