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Black Desert Online – Gearing Guide (2018)

Black Desert Online – Gearing up in 2018. This is how your gear progression should look like in Black Desert Online. From start to endgame goals (soft cap).

Video by The Games Lighthouse

BDO Gearing Guide (2018)

(2:10) Grunil vs Heve set
(3:00) Subweapons
(4:00) First Accessories
(6:00) Asula Set
(6:40) Dim Magical Armour
(8:01) First Awakening Weapon
(10:42) Should you get TRI Green Weapons?
(12:22) The importance of Kzarka Mainhand Weapon
(13:52) Upgrading Boss Gear vs Sniping
(15:29) Midgame Gear
(16:47) Order of importance for boss gear
(17:29) Heve Helm vs Giath’s Helmet
(18:36) The importance of boss gear
(20:05) When to use boss gear
(21:43) TRI Green Armor
(23:06) BDO Accessories after Asula set
(28:25) Endgame goals (Soft cap)
(30:26) Summary

How to start?

Focus on your weapon first, get that weapon to +10 (easier to grind and level up)
Then, you can focus on your armor – Grunil or Heve set. Those sets are the best for starters (Grunil gives you AP=better damage or Heve max HP=better survivability).

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