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BDO – [Event] Shakatu’s Seal Best Reward?

What to choose from Shakatu’s seal event rewards in Black Desert Online?

Event rewards

Dim Tree Spirit's Armor BDO

Dim Tree Armor is probably one of the hardest pieces to get if don’t have the luck to snipe it in Auction House, but you can sometimes get one from night vendor.

Dandelion Awakening weapon is really important to your character gear progression and really nice one to have, but you can preorder it on AH.  Dandelion weapon You can also get from night vendor.

The best value item is DUO Ogre Ring (20 AP, 12 Acc) which is worth around 700 mil to 1 billion silver.

DUO Ogre Ring BDO

Duo Ogre Ring gives you the best AP per item (accessories) and it is another one item that is really hard to get. You can’t get II Ogre Ring from a vendor, only from Marketplace. If u have a good necklace maybe the best option for you is to choose something else.

Another good value option is DUO: Tungrad Earring (11 AP, 6 Acc) which is worth around 700 mil to 1,5 billion silver (pre-order).

How to get a Tungrad Earring?

DUO Tungrad Earring BDO


You can obtain them from the Aakman Temple and Hystria Ruins dungeons. One dungeon drops the Red Fragment and the other drops the Black Fragment. Combining Ancient Power – Red Fragment and Ancient Power – Black Fragment gives you a Tungrade Earring.

Shakatu’s Seal – How many you can get?

U can get 10 seals per month.

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