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The Elder Scrolls Online – Psijic Order Skill Line

Few organizations in Tamriel are as secretive and mysterious as the Psijic Order. Now, they’ve returned to Nirn after centuries of self-imposed exile to investigate a crisis that threatens to unravel the future of Tamriel.

How to unlock the Psijic Order Skill Line?

To unlock the Psijic Order Skill Line, you must first complete The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset’s first main quest, titled “The Queen’s Decree”.

Once you’ve made your way to Artaeum, find Loremaster Celarus inside the Ceporah Tower to join the Order, acquire the Skill Line, equip one of the new Abilities, and begin leveling it up!

How to level up Psijic Order Skill Line?

To gain ranks in the Psijic Order Skill Line, you need to progress through the Psijic Order questline. Every time you complete a quest, you’ll gain a new rank.

Psijic Order New Skills preview

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Psijic Order Skill Line’s Active Abilities and Morphs:

  • Time Stop – Freezes the passage of time at the target location, gradually reducing the Movement Speed of enemies in the area during the cast before finally stunning them in place when the cast completes.
    • Borrowed Time – Enemies that are stunned have their next heal completely negated for a few seconds.
    • Time Freeze – Removes the cast time, but it takes longer to stun enemies.
  • Imbue Weapon – Imbues your weapon with power, causing your next Light Attack to deal additional Physical Damage.
    • Elemental Weapon – Converts into a Magicka ability and deals Magic Damage. Applies a random elemental status effect.
    • Crushing Weapon – Heals you for a percentage of the damage done.
  • Meditate – Focuses your body and mind into a meditative state, healing and restoring Magicka and Stamina every second.
    • Deep Thoughts – Increases the amount of Magicka and Stamina restored.
    • Introspection – Maintaining the channel gradually increases the amount of Health restored.
  • Accelerate – Bends time and space around you to gain Major Expedition and Minor Force, increasing your Movement Speed and Critical Damage.
    • Channeled Acceleration – Triples the duration, but adds a cast time.
    • Race Against Time – Reduces the cost of Sprint.
  • Mend Wounds – Invokes the Rites of Moawita, replacing your next Light or Heavy Attack used with healing abilities that can be used on allies. Your Light Attack heals over 10 seconds. Your Heavy Attack heals every 1 second while channeling.
    • Mend Spirit – Grant the ally Major Resolve and Major Ward while you heal them.
    • Symbiosis – You heal yourself for a percentage of the amount the ally is healed for.




  • ESO psyjic psijic skills ultimate tesoUndo – Steps backwards in time, resetting your Health, Magicka, Stamina, and position to what they were a few seconds ago.
    • Precognition – You can cast this morph while crowd controlled and will automatically gain crowd control immunity.
    • Temporal Guard – While slotted, you gain Minor Protection, reducing your damage taken.

Psijic Order PASSIVES

  • See the Unseen – The insight you have gained from the Psijic Order grants you vision of the spiritual world. You can now interact with rifts all throughout Tamriel and collect their treasure!
  • Clairvoyance – Reduces the cost of your Psijic Order Abilities.
  • Spell Orb – When you cast a Psijic Order ability while in combat, you generate a spell charge. When you reach five spell charges, you launch a spell orb at the closest enemy to you dealing Magic Damage or Physical Damage, whichever is higher. The spell charges must be generated within seconds of each other or all charges will be lost.
  • Concentrated Barrier – While you have a Psijic Order ability slotted and are Blocking, you gain a damage shield. This damage shield recharges back to full strength after you spend 10 seconds not Blocking.
  • Deliberation – While you are casting or channeling a Psijic Order ability, you gain Major Protection, reducing your damage taken.

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